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Your Startup is Our Specialty

Everybody has to start somewhere, and you need to be as effective as possible with your time, your energy, and your investment. You are probably going to have a lot of  questions, and you will certainly encounter a lot of challenges.

With several decades of experience, we will be there for you throughout the entire process, getting you launched with a team that is always on your side.

We can guarantee that our prices will be accurate, we will be honest and efficient with your time, and we will work hand in hand with your whole team to give you the best new office in which to launch your dreams.

Everybody we work with is efficient, highly experienced, and cost effective.  Our design firm parters are the best. You'll be promised a fractionally lower price by someone, but ultimately the cost will be much higher.  We do not cut corners, but we will save you valuable time, money and energy by doing it right, the first time, on time.

The proof is in the projects.



Bespoke Dentistry

Bespoke Dentistry is a startup dental practice located in Del Mar, California, led by Dr. Leah Stempfle. The practice is dedicated to providing patients with personalized and comprehensive dental care in a warm and welcoming environment. With a focus on patient-centered care, Bespoke Dentistry offers a range of dental services, including cosmetic dentistry, preventative care, and restorative treatments.

To create a space that reflects their values, Bespoke Dentistry worked with Kui Tan Design to create a modern, sophisticated, and welcoming environment. The soft, open, and bright features are intended to create a calming and organic atmosphere, promoting relaxation and comfort for patients. 


North Coast Pediatric Dentistry

North Hills Pediatric Dentistry is a startup dental practice owned by Dr. Corbin Smith. Located in Rancho Bernardo, Dr. Smith specializes in pediatric dental care, providing a warm and friendly environment for children to receive quality dental treatment. The practice features state-of-the-art dental equipment from Patterson Dental, a leading provider of dental equipment and supplies. The modern equipment ensures that patients receive the latest dental treatments and technologies, while also maintaining the highest standards of hygiene and safety.

RBN Design, a prominent San Diego design firm, was responsible for creating the interior design of the practice. With a focus on creating a welcoming and child-friendly environment, they utilized soft tones, modern patterns, and open volumes to create a space that is both beautiful and cost efficient.  North Hills Pediatric Dentistry is poised to become a leading pediatric dental practice in the North Hills area, providing exceptional dental care to children in a comfortable and nurturing environment.



San Elijo Veterinary Clinic

San Elijo Hills Veterinary Clinic, located in San Marcos, California, is committed to providing high-quality veterinary care to pets in a friendly and welcoming environment.

Led by Dr. Yungmin Park, the practice offers a range of services, including preventative care, dental services, surgery, and emergency care.

San Elijo Hills Veterinary Clinicis designed to be a place of comfort, safety, and healing for pets and their owners. The practice's modern facilities are equipped with the latest technology, including both x-ray and ultrasound imaging, enabling the veterinary team to provide the highest level of care while ensuring a comfortable and inviting environment.

As a startup, Dr. Park wanted an emphasis on cost-effective design while still being able to provide exceptional medical care to his patients.  A modest yet expandable veterinary office design is a good option to consider  for new owners seeking to establish themselves in the veterinary industry with an excellent ROI.


The Smile Patio

Dr. Jonathan Albaugh and his team specialize in providing patients with exceptional orthodontic care in a warm and welcoming environment. With years of experience in the orthodontic industry, Dr. Albaugh offers a range of services, including traditional braces, clear aligners, and other orthodontic treatments. Dr. Albaugh's focus on patient-centered care and his commitment to utilizing the latest orthodontic technology ensure that every patient receives the highest quality care possible.

To create a unique and welcoming environment, Dr. Albaugh worked with Janet Petterson, of Design Wave, to design the practice's interior. The result is a beautiful and comfortable space that reflects the practice's dedication to patient-centered care. The Smile Patio's use of natural materials and thoughtful design elements create a calming and inviting atmosphere for patients, promoting relaxation and comfort during their visits. 

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